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The Conviction of Lady Lorraine

by Dwandra Nickole Lampkin

Share in this unique and original solo performance where one woman searches for insight in another woman’s fight for justice. A chance encounter in the Deep South triggers a journey to find the truth...One person may find it on a single street corner, keeping vigilant watch over a monument to civil rights, while another’s path winds through the confusing thicket of race relations in contemporary America.

221 Farmers Alley

by Lucas Hnath

From Tony-Nominated author Lucas Hnath, called "one of the brightest new voices of his generation" by The New York Times, comes the hottest new American play in recent memory, The Christians.  Pastor Paul has spent nearly 20 years successfully growing his church from a tiny storefront to a glitzy megachurch.  But today he will give a sermon that's about to shake the foundation of everything he's built - and creates a divide among his constituents.


The Little Theatre on Oakland Drive