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What's Happening Live! - “The Conviction of Lady Lorraine: A Teleplay”

Oct 18, 2020

“One woman searches for insight in another woman’s fight for justice.”

Check out this inspiring second episode of "What's Happening Live!" which aired on Sunday, October 18th at 8PM EST on Facebook and YouTube Live. We are so excited to tell you all about the upcoming Farmers Alley production: “The Conviction of Lady Lorraine: A Teleplay”. Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch, talks to three of the talented and creative people who brought this powerful and inspiring story to life: playwright and star, Dwandra Nickole Lampkin, along with co-directors Thomas Murray and Dee Dee Batteast. Learn all about this exciting piece of theatre which will be available to stream on October 29th... you won't want to miss it! 

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Oct 13, 2020

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Lights, Camera, Musical! - LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

Oct 11, 2020

Grab your popcorn, some Junior Mints and a supersized soda and let’s go to the movies together Sunday, October 11th at 8pm for the premiere of our newest Farmers Alley Theatre @ Home offering LIGHTS, CAMERA, MUSICAL! where we deep dive into a beloved movie musical and discuss its transition from stage to screen.

Hosted by Rob Weiner, our first episode we will be discussing the Mean Green Mother From Outer Space and everything Skid Row as we look at the film LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS from 1986, starring Rick Moranis & Ellen Greene. Rob will have cast members from our 2015 production of Little Shop – Harrison Bryan and Jeremy Koch along with Adam Weiner to discuss the movie’s alternate ending, if Steve Martin should’ve been nominated for an Oscar and so much more!

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The Koch Korner: Behind The Scenes of "Curious Incident"

Oct 8, 2020

Curiosity leads to creation! Check out this imaginative episode of The Koch Korner which aired on Thursday October 8th at 8pm EST, on Facebook & YouTube Live.

Our Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch, chatted with three innovative and gifted people from the Farmers Alley production of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”:  J. Scott Lapp, Chelsea Lapp and Troy Hussmann.

They talked about working on that magical show, the importance of staying creative, and the benefits of being connected to others. It was inspiring, educational, entertaining and enlightening!



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The Koch Korner with Guest Host Dwight Trice

Aug 27, 2020

Please join us Thursday, August 27th at 8pm EST, on Facebook & YouTube Live for a crucial episode of “The Koch Korner.”  Our Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch, is “passing the microphone” to Dwight Trice - one of Farmers Alley’s favorite artists. Dwight will lead an insightful and intelligent panel and engage in an open and honest dialogue about the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole, and discuss some of the systemic injustices against Black communities that have brought us to this ‘powder keg’ that is 2020. You will not want to miss this vital discussion.

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