Please contact our Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch at for audition information at this time.

The Producers

AUDITION CUTS for Leads Below - Ensemble cuts coming ASAP!
Each cut includes scenes requested AND songs.

WHO:  Farmers Alley Theatre is seeking amazing quadruple threat performers for our upcoming productions of "THE PRODUCERS"!  Quadruple? Yes!  You must sing, act, dance and be funny!  Director Bill Burns will be in attendance and will lead the dance call.

WHAT (to do):  Go to our website ( and prepare the audition materials required for the part you are interested in.  An accompanist will be provided. Please bring headshot and resume. To request a time slot, please email Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch, at the following email address: 

WHEN:  Singing/Acting Auditions will be held on Saturday March 17th from 12pm - 5pm.  A dance call will be held on Sunday March 18th from 12pm-3pm and  6pm-9pm.  Bring jazz and/or tap shoes if you have them.

WHERE:   Little Theatre (798 Oakland Drive, near Waldo Stadium).

WHY: Because you know you want to!


Ulla, 22 – 36; Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-Hallen Svaden, a stereotypical Swedish woman: tall and beautiful. Great singer (belt) and dancer.  Should be able to to do kicks and splits.

Franz Liebkind, 40 – 50; a former Nazi who has penned an admiring musical tribute to Adolf Hitler, titled “Springtime for Hitler.” He is a slightly off kilter and can go from happy to angry rather quickly; baritone.

Carmen Ghia, 21 – 40; Roger De Bris' "common-law assistant". They are both gay and they love to flounce around their Upper East Side town house. Hugely comedic; tenor.

Roger Debris, 45 – 60;  a gay theatre director, described by Max Bialystock as the worst director to have ever lived. He lives with his equally flamboyant partner Carmen Ghia and his production crew in a house described as an Upper East Side town house in New York. Man in a dress; baritone.

Ensemble Men/Women to play:  Springtime For Hitler Lead Tenor Soloist, Mr. Marks, Hold-Me-Touch-Me and other Little Old Ladies, Bag Lady, Bum, Shirley Markowitz, Scott, Kevin, Bryan, Stormtrooper, Usherettes, Prison Trustee, Jason, Jack, Donald, Judge, Jury Forman, Street Cleaner, Blind Violinist, and more!

Mr. Marks  - top section of Acct. Scene (*SCENE ONLY)

Hold-Me-Touch-Me  - 1st Office scene w/ Max (*SCENE ONLY)

Irish Cops  - (*SCENE ONLY)

Lead Tenor  - needs to sing top of "Springtime For Hitler" (thru to high note) (*MUSIC ONLY)

Shirley Markowitz  - should have her sing her LOW notes on her "Keep It Gay" entrance (*MUSIC ONLY)

Black Accountant Solo  - needs to sing his Acct. solo  (*MUSIC ONLY)

Usherettes  - should sing their top of "Opening Night”. (*MUSIC ONLY)

We are looking for good tap dancers. Be prepared to show off triple time step and other advanced tap steps.  Please note that we are looking for one male and one female who can do gymnastics or tumbling


*Please note that the roles of Max and Leo are already cast but all other roles are available!

Rehearsals start on 6/25/18.

Opening night is on 7/20/18

Closing night is on 8/5/18 (with possible extensions thru either 8/12/18 or 8/19/18 or Infinity depending on ticket demand).

Ensemble Salary Non-AEA: $100/week

"THE PRODUCERS" is one of Mel Brooks's greatest movies turned into one of the most popular musicals ever.  It is an All-Time record setter for most Tony Awards in theatre history, Mel Brooks' The Producers. Join Max Bialystock, Leo Bloom and a chorus full of colorful characters as these two swindlers try to put on the worst musical in Broadway history – Springtime for Hitler!  The full genius of creator Mel Brooks is on display with hysterical one-liners, zany costumes, brilliant sight gags and more laughs than could fill any theatre on the Great White Way.  It’s a hit!


Technical Director

FARMERS ALLEY THEATRE, a professional SPT located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is seeking a self-directed and passionate individual to serve as Technical Director for our 100-seat black box theater in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo.  Candidates will have a thorough knowledge of construction, rigging, and AutoCAD and will have a valid driver's license. The ability to analyze designs for costs and deliver finished scenery on time and on budget is key. The technical director’s duties include drafting, budget management, scheduling, supervision of build and load-in crews, equipment maintenance, and inventory. This is a year-round position with a competitive salary.
With a current operating budget of over $700,000, Farmers Alley Theatre has achieved immense critical and financial success due to our commitment to excellence in all facets of production.  Having a skilled Technical Director is crucial in achieving this success. 

Technical Director Responsibilities

During a Production

  • Coordinate with artistic and production staff to insure smooth operation and installation on the production
  • Budgeting and ordering all materials, and setting up deliveries or renting trucks
  • Work in the scenic studio to construct all scenic elements for the given production
  • Act as primary carpenter for all productions, over hire as needed and as personnel budget allows
  • Hiring and scheduling all hired hands, as well as tracking and turning in all hours to the Executive Director for payment
  • Be present for Designer Run if the Scenic Designer is an out-of-town artist, and then communicate things mentioned at rehearsal
  • Ensure all elements of design are ready for Tech week, and all mishaps are communicated clearly to all required parties
  • Work with all production staff to troubleshoot problems that arise during the rehearsal and tech process


Post Production

  • Maintaining and updating the theatre spaces when a production is not using them
  • Keeping the scenic studio well stocked and inventoried between builds
  • Making sure that all areas of the theatre are staying clear and organized, and notifying departments that need work done
  • When making large general supplies purchase, requesting needs for all departments. Technical Director will act as the primary purchaser for all theatre production needs
  • Recommend capital purchases to the Board of Directors and Artistic Staff. Including studio improvements



  • Experience in Technical Director work, either through education or previous positions
  • Seasoned carpentry skills
  • A passion for the Arts 
  • A letter of recommendation is preferred but not a requirement


  •  Position is expected to begin in May of 2018. 

Please email cover letter and resume to: Adam Weiner, Executive Director,