Blue's Clues Live!
conceived by Angela C. Santomero, Traci Paige Johnson, and Todd Kessler
June 12 - 28, 2009
The Farmers Alley Theatre Children’s Series begins as everyone’s favorite pup, Blue, joins his friend Steve in a clue-filled journey to the most spectacular place of all. They follow the clues to Storybook forest and get some help from Goldilocks, the Three Little Pigs, and the Big Bad Wolf. Blue and Steve even travel to outer space in search of the most spectacular place, discovering planets and celestial wonders along the way. When they discover the final clue, however, they learn that home is the most spectacular place of all. Performed by our ensemble company, Blue’s Clues Live! is the summer destination for families searching for fun.
Jeremy Koch
Casting Director
Jason Koch
Denene Mulay Koch
Technical Director / Scenic Design
Tom Shuster
Lighting / Sound Design
Kyle Waterman
Costume/Puppet Design
Robert Jordan
Asst. Costume Designer
Lissa Hartridge
Stage Manager / Props
Lisa Watson
Scenic Painter
Nick Mahmat
Projection Design
Kelly White
Puppet Coach
Jen Lindsay
Ben Davidson, Joe Dely
Graphic Design
Chris Honeysett
Greg Laux
Jen Lindsay
Slippery / Pig 3 / Uranus
Kaitie Badalamenti
Baby Paprika / Baby Bear / The Sun / Grandma
Ellie Messinger
Mr. Salt / Letter 2 / Giant / Saturn
Nick Mumma
Tickety / Pig 1 / Pig 2 / Neptune / Pluto
Katie Noyes
Mrs. Peppers / Goldilocks / Mercury / Venus
Cait Ryan
Shovel / Letter 1 / Big Bad Wolf / Jupiter
Dwight Trice, Jr.
Mail Box / Papa Bear / Mama Bear / Mars
Max Wardlaw
Pail / Letter 3 / Bunny Slippers / Jack / Earch
Nat Zegree



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