Forever Plaid Presents Plaid Tidings

Forever Plaid Presents Plaid Tidings

by Stuart Ross

original Forever Plaid vocal & musical arrangements by James Raitt

vocal & musical arrangements by James Raitt, Brad Ellis, Raymond Berg, & David Snyder

musical continuity and supervision by David Snyder

The Farmers Alley Theatre is proud to continue its Cabaret Series with Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings. Performed in our intimate space while the finest desserts and coffee are served to our audience, Plaid Tidings is a brand-new show that offers the best of Forever Plaid tied-up in a nifty package with a big holiday bow on top! Filled with holiday standards that have all been “Plaid-erized”, “the Plaids” are back together to perform their holiday Special. So gather the family together and join us for a modern holiday musical masterpiece.

221 Farmers Alley



Director Scott Burkell*

Musical Director Marie McColley Kerstetter

Scenic Design W. Douglas Blickle

Technical Director Tom Shuster

Stage Manager Lisa Watson

Lighting Design Lanford J. Potts

Sound Design Les Batts

Costume Design Donna McKenna

Assistant Stage Manager Kyle Waterman

Prop Design Kyle Waterman

Prop Design Lisa Watson

Flowers & Decorations Kristin Hartridge

Graphic Design Chris Honeysett


Frankie Scott Burkell*

Sparky Jeremy Koch

Jinx Robert C. Jordan

Smudge Hal Hobson



Get 'square' into Christmas with 'Plaid Tidings' at Farmers Alley

Nov 29, 2009 / MLive

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