2012-13 Season

The Whipping Man

by Matthew Lopez

It is Passover, 1865. The Civil War has just ended and the annual celebration of freedom from bondage is being observed in Jewish homes across the country. Confederate officer Caleb DeLeon returns to his ruined plantation only to find his family missing and two former slaves, Simon and John, remaining. As the three men wait for the family's return, they wrestle with their shared past relationship as master and slave, digging up long-buried family secrets along the way. Slavery and war, they discover, warp even good men's souls. THE WHIPPING MAN is a bold and compelling new work that won the 2011 Playwriting Award by the NY Outer Critics Circle.

221 Farmers Alley



Director D. Terry Williams

Technical Director Fred Gillette

Scenic Design W. Douglas Blickle

Lighting Design David Downey

Sound Design Derek Menchinger

Costume Design Lissa Hartridge

Prop Design Tony Holewinski

Makeup Design Kathryn Wagner

Stage Manager Bob Brownell

Graphic Design Chris Honeysett


Simon Rico Bruce Wade*

Caleb Ben Reigel*

John Scott V. Norman


Farmers Alley drama forces new thoughts on freedom, family

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