2018-19 Season

Doubt, A Parable

written by John Patrick Shanley

Sister Aloysius is a rigidly conservative nun and principal at St. Nicholas Church School in the Bronx in the fall of 1964.  When Father Flynn, a beloved and charismatic parish priest advocates reform of some of the school’s strict customs, Sister Aloysius is put in direct conflict with his progressive outlook for the future.  When a fellow nun tells Sister Aloysius that Father Flynn may be paying too much personal attention to one of their male students, she begins a personal crusade against the priest – despite her lack of evidence.
Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play, Doubt, a parable is a deeply affecting one-act that lets the audience play the jury in this intense and shocking tour-de-force drama.

221 Farmers Alley



directed by D. Terry WIlliams


Father Flynn Andy Hoff*

Sister Aloysius Dwandra Nickole Lampkin*

Sister James Tamsen Glaser

Mrs. Muller Julianne Howe-Bouwens


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DOUBT runs Feb. 8-24

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"Provocative and gripping" DOUBT, A PARABLE opens Feb. 8th

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