2019-20 Season


Farmers Alley Theatre is proud to present our next Theatre for Young Audiences production, Balloonacy, running March 21st and 28that 221 Farmers Alley.  Performed in our intimate 100-seat space, Farmers Alley Theatre is the perfect venue for kids to get up close to the action and really become enveloped in the joy and magic of live theatre.                                 

Balloonacy combines the imaginative power of play and elements of mime, clowning and more to tell a beautiful story of friendship and compassion.  In his apartment, a single old man is celebrating his birthday alone.  But his day is interrupted by the presence of a magical red balloon who comes through the window, the door, and his closet to befriend the old man.  Through a series of comical and touching moments the old man and the balloon find a bond of friendship that will bring a smile to everyone’s face in this wordless, situational comedy.

Balloonacy is ideal for pre-schoolers and elementary aged children, and is especially effective at connecting with children on the autism spectrum.  We will be having a sensory-friendly performance of Balloonacy on Saturday, March 28th at 10am.


Shows March 21st and 28th at 10am and 1pm.

221 Farmers Alley



Directed by Sandra Bremer


Starring D. Neil Bremer


Balloonacy march 21 & 28

Discover BALLOONACY - March 21 & 28

Mar 3, 2020

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