2019-20 Season

Does Anybody Have a Map?

Motherhood takes the mic this January with DOES ANYBODY HAVE A MAP? Motherhood in stories and song. Through original monologues, music and film, this brainchild of Julie Nemitz, Nancy Stefanick, and Whitney Weiner explores motherhood in a unique way only the women’s voices of our
Kalamazoo Community can. This original production will be stuffed with relatable humor and heartfelt poignancy.


FRI 730pm | SAT 730pm | SUN 2pm

221 Farmers Alley



Performer Terese Banner

Performer Jeni Czach

Performer Tammy Cooper

Performer Dawn DeLuca

Performer Diana Densmore

Performer Allison Downey

Performer Sara Emerson

Performer Angela Fetner

Performer Sheena Foster

Performer Marina Hentz

Performer Katie Houston

Performer Beth Keller

Performer Nancy Kotarski

Performer Melissa Ludwa

Performer Gretchen Malinowski

Performer Caroline Meyers

Performer Angela McMillan

Performer Julie Nemitz

Performer Carol Picklemann

Performer Nicki Poer

Performer Mary Quasarano

Performer Molly Senne

Performer Nancy Stefanick

Performer Katy Velten

Performer Whitney Weiner