2022-23 Season

Chicken & Biscuits

by Douglas Lyons

"A brilliant script that’s fresh, relatable and laugh-out-loud funny…CHICKEN & BISCUITS is more than just a church service. It is a much-needed therapy session, a portrait of Black joy, love and laughter…This play is both a Hallelujah and an A-men.” —Variety


"CHICKEN & BISCUITS serves up roaring comedy…The play provides audiences with the blessed release of almost continual laughter…” —Broadway News


America’s dishiest family is coming together for Grandpa’s funeral – hopefully without killing each other!


Here's the tea: Rivaling sisters, Baneatta and Beverly, are burying their father—but it’s the non-stop family drama that might be the death of them. Beverly just wants to show the congregation what she’s been “blessed with.” Baneatta’s husband tries to keep the family peace while preparing the eulogy.


Then (get ready..) Baneatta’s youngest son brings his very white, very Jewish boyfriend who is maybe, sort of, okay definitely afraid of Baneatta. Meanwhile, Beverly’s daughter couldn’t mind her own business if it was on a leash.

But wait! When a family secret is revealed (at the church altar!!), things really go crazy…and even Baneatta can’t deny the truth.


Don't miss the Michigan premiere of this hit play, hot off its Broadway run last year and served up right here in Kalamazoo!


Starring Farmers Alley favorites including Von Washington Jr. (Clybourne ParkMarissa Harringtion (director of Three Little BirdsShe Persisted), Julianne Howe-Bouwens (Doubt).


Contains Adult Themes and Situations. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

221 Farmers Alley



Director Dr. Quincy Thomas (he/they)

Asst Director/Dramaturg Dr. Miriam Thomas (she/her)


BANEATTA MABRY Demetria Thomas (she/her)*

REGINALD MABRY Von Washington Jr (he/him)

BEVERLY JENKINS Darlene Dues (she/her)*

SIMONE MABRY Marissa Harrington

KENNY MABRY Avery Kenyatta (he/him)

LOGAN LEIBOWITZ Sam Hoffman (he/him)*


BRIANNA JENKINS Julianne Howe-Bouwens