See below for audition information and please contact our Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch at [email protected] for audition questions.


2022-23 Season Auditions

Farmers Alley Theatre is seeking video auditions from dynamic performers for its upcoming 2022-2023 season. Details below regarding video submissions and our Kalamazoo audition on July 11.

Mainstage productions will be:

  • ​​A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder - music & lyrics by Steven Lutvak with book & lyrics by Robert L. Freedman - Rehearsals start: 8/29/22 & Performs   9/23/22 - 10/9/22
  • A Swingin’ Christmas: The Holiday Music of Tony Bennett –created by David Grapes & Todd Olson with music by various composers arranged by Vince di Mura - Rehearsals start: 10/24/22 & Performs 11/18/22 - 12/11/22
  • The Great Leap by Lauren Yee - Rehearsals start: 1/9/23 & Performs   1/27/23 - 2/12/23
  • Becoming Dr. Ruth by Mark St. Germain - Rehearsals start: 2/20/23 & Performs 3/10/23 - 3/19/23
  • Chicken & Biscuits by Douglas Lyons - Rehearsals start: 4/3/23 & Performs   4/21/23 - 5/7/23
  • RENT - music, lyrics & book by Jonathan Larson - Rehearsals start: 5/29/23 &  Performs 6/23/23 - 7/9/23

Please send all video auditions to: [email protected] by August 1, 2022, and be sure to attach headshot and resume.

Other auditions and callbacks for specific shows will be added as needed throughout the season. Actors will be contacted by Artistic Director, Jeremy Koch, regarding callbacks.

*NOTE: ALL EMPLOYEES OF FARMERS ALLEY THEATRE MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED IN ORDER TO BE EMPLOYED. This policy includes actors, directors, designers, stage managers, crew members, administrators, musicians, volunteers, etc.

*NOTE: Farmers Alley Theatre is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate and will take affirmative action measures to ensure against discrimination in employment, recruitment, advertisements for employment, compensation, termination, upgrading, promotions, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 

*Housing and travel provided for out-of-town talent.

*All productions will rehearse in person and perform live at Farmers Alley Theatre in Kalamazoo, MI.

*Farmers Alley operates under an AEA (Equity) SPT Tier 3 Contract ($375/week AEA Minimum Salary). Equity and non-union contracts available. Non-Equity salaries are negotiable. 

*Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are strongly encouraged to attend/submit.

*Performances are usually Thursday thru Sunday with occasional weekday performances and sponsor shows.

To be considered for our musicals: please prepare two contrasting songs of approximately 1 – 2 minutes in length that are appropriate for the shows in our season. You may sing from those shows, but it is not required. Music tracks and sheet music available below. Please also prepare one monologue of approximately 1 – 2 minutes in length. Please slate your name at the top of the video, tell us what you’re going to perform, and add that to all the performance footage together into one video. You can send a YouTube or Vimeo or similar link or just send the video as an attachment.

To be considered for non-musicals: Please prepare two contrasting monologues of approximately 1 – 2 minutes in length that are appropriate for the shows in our season. You may perform material from the shows in our season, but it is not required. Please slate your name at the top of the video, tell us what you’re going to perform, and add that to all the performance footage together into one video. You can send a YouTube or Vimeo or similar link or just send the video as an attachment.

You may choose material of your own or use the music files and sheet music at the bottom of this page. There are selections from Gentleman's Guide, A Swinging Christmas and RENT.

You may send two videos if you want to be considered for musicals and non-musicals.

  • When: Monday Jul 11, 2022, from 6-9pm (possible extension to 10pm if needed) 
  • Please prepare two short contrasting 16-bar songs in the style of the shows in our season. Songs should be 16 bars or 32 bars in length. Bring music that is legible and clearly marked (please bring several song options in case we want to hear more). Sheet music is available on our website.
  • An accompanist will be provided.
  • Please prepare a short monologue as well but understand that we might not ask to hear it.  
    • For “non-singing” auditions only: Please prepare two short contrasting monologues but understand that we might only ask for one. 
  • NOTE: Video auditions will be accepted if you cannot attend. Send videos to: [email protected] 

Where: KNAC (formerly First Baptist Church) at 315 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 


  • Kathy Mulay: Director of Gentleman’s Guide and Becoming Dr. Ruth 
  • David Grapes: Creator & Director of A Swinging Christmas 
  • Artistic Director Jeremy Koch
  • All three will be in attendance. 

How: To send a video submission or to request an audition time slot, please email picture and resume, the role(s) you’re interested in being considered for, as well as your preferred audition time and send that to: [email protected]



For A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, seeking:

The D'Ysquith Family: Male-presenting, 30-39 – THIS ROLE IS CAST

experienced, skilled, and transformational comedic actor who has a superb grasp on British farce; physical comedy and stamina is a necessity; does not necessarily need to be a phenomenal singer but must be able to carry a musical comedy without an ounce of hesitation; plays a full range of characters from the same family, ranging from an off-kilter priest to a closeted bee enthusiast to a lowly custodian (each of them intrinsic English types). Any Ethnicity.

Monty Navarro: Male-presenting, 25-39; handsome and effortlessly charming, clever and charismatic, vulnerable and endearing, with a highly developed appreciation for life’s ironies; the engine of the plot; must be able to command attention and draw the audience in; intent on killing off the entire family tree; he must have a winning charm that would garner anybody’s trust; high baritone with a strong top; A2 - A4. Any Ethnicity.

Sibella: Female-presenting, 25-35; sexy, flirtatious, narcissistic, willful, calculating, and irresistible; social climber, but also truly loves Monty, and in the end would do anything to protect him; tremendous wit and high style; character mezzo, F#3 to high A5; belting not required. Any Ethnicity.

Phoebe D'Ysquith: Female-presenting, 25-35; beautiful, virtuous, forthright, romantic, comically earnest, with a backbone of steel; not your typical ingénue; actress must have a sense of irony and humor, in addition to a youthful innocence behind her sophistication; coloratura soprano up to a high sustained C#6 with an optional high Eb6; very flexible and agile vocal range: B3 – C#6 or Eb6; open to performers from a strong operatic background. Any Ethnicity.

Miss Shingle: Female-presenting, 50-65; Cockney housekeeper/governess who has served a wealthy, titled family for 30 years; informs Monty that he is indeed a D'Ysquith; confident character voice with a superb ability to draw in the audience through storytelling; while she is forthright, there is a touch of mystery and cunning about her; excellent vocal technique is not necessary; should be comfortable with music hall style singing. Any Ethnicity.

Ensemble #1: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 25-55; roles include: Mourner; Tour Guide; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Bridesmaid; Pub Owner's Wife; Mrs. Pebworth; Phoebe's Maid; 3rd Newsboy; Tailor; Selina Chard (Servant); Flower Girl. Any Ethnicity.

Ensemble #2: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 25-55; roles include: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Bridesmaid; Mrs. Hetherington; 4th Newsboy; Tailor; Lady Eugenia D'Ysquith; Flower Girl. Any Ethnicity.

Ensemble #3: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 25-55; roles include: Mourner; Sibella's Maid; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Miss Evangeline Barley; Bridesmaid; Miss Hayes; Tailor; Hilda (Servant); Flower Girl. Any Ethnicity.

Ensemble #4: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 25-55; roles include: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; 2nd Clerk; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Tom Copley; Dr. Brownlee; 1st Newsboy; Weight Lifter; 3rd Actor; Ancestral Bust; Walter (Servant); Dr. Pettibone (Medical Examiner); Prison Guard. Any Ethnicity.

Ensemble #5: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 25-55; roles include: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; 1st Clerk; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Pub Owner; Mr. Cross; 2nd Newsboy; Weight Lifter; 1st Actor; Lord Asquith's Physician; Ancestral Bust; Mr. Waters (Servant); Chief Inspector Pinckney. Any Ethnicity.

Ensemble #6: Chorus / Ensemble, All Genders, 25-55; roles include: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Pub Patron; Henry's Employee; Mr. Goodsall; 2nd Actor; Alfred Gorby (Butler); Lord High Steward (voiceover); Magistrate. Any Ethnicity.

SYNOPSISA Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is a murderous romp filled with unforgettable music, non-stop laughs and a scene-stealing role for one actor playing all eight of the doomed heirs who meet their ends in the most creative and side-splitting ways. This is a must-produce for any theatre looking for a truly original and fresh new comedy that will delight audiences and leave them begging for more.

For A SWINGIN’ CHRISTMAS - The Tony Bennett Musical, seeking:

Two (2) female-presenting performers, any age, who sing and dance extremely well and have excellent lyric & vocal interpretation skills; vocal requirements: both women need to be accomplished, expert singers with a solid mix and belt. A wide vocal range is required: G3 – G5 with very solid middle range. Dance requirements: must be able to handle dance moves that are stylish, smooth, elegant and in the style of Astaire and Rodgers. Ideally, each performer should some formal dance training in ballet, ballroom, MT and jazz training. Any Ethnicity.

Two (2) male-presenting performers, any age, any ethnicity; who sing and dance extremely well and have excellent lyric & vocal interpretation skills; One male-presenting performer must have a vocal range of: B2 – B4 and the other performer must have a vocal range of: A2 – A4. Dance requirements: must be able to handle dance moves that are stylish, smooth, elegant and in the style of Astaire and Rodgers. Ideally, each performer should some formal dance training in ballet, ballroom, MT and jazz training. Any Ethnicity.

SYNOPSISThis feel-good journey through the life and Holiday Music of the remarkable Mr. Tony Bennett is sure to wow and delight our audiences. Featuring two male-presenting and two female presenting performers, a bevy of impressive music and lots of dancing, we are proud to produce this world premiere musical created and directed by David Grapes.

For THE GREAT LEAP by Lauren Yee, seeking:

Manford: Male-presenting, 18-22, plays 17, male-identifying, Chinese-American; intense, scrappy, runs into trouble, attacks the rim with a ruthless crossover; not tall; more Allen Iverson than Jeremy Lin. Ethnicity: Asian (preferably Chinese).

Connie: Female-presenting, 20-29; plays 25, Chinese-American; Manford's cousin and UC Berkeley grad student; level-headed, big picture; a Chris Paul/Klay Thompson type. Ethnicity: Asian (preferably Chinese).

Wen Chang: Male-presenting, 35-49; plays 43, male-identifying, Chinese; coach of Beijing University's men's basketball team; observant, efficient; favors three pointers over aggressive inside shots; Tim Duncan would appreciate his energy; his English is formal, but relatively unaccented. Ethnicity: Asian (preferably Chinese).

Saul: Male-presenting, 45-59; plays 52, male-identifying, Jewish, coach of University of San Francisco's Men's Basketball Team; a trash-talking, shot-blocking, washed-up Larry Bird.

SYNOPSISWhen an American college basketball team travels to Beijing for a “friendship” game in the post-Cultural Revolution 1980s, both countries try to tease out the politics behind this newly popular sport. Cultures clash as the Chinese coach tries to pick up moves from the Americans and Chinese-American player Manford spies on his opponents. Inspired by events in her own father’s life, Yee “applies a devilishly keen satiric eye to…her generation (and its parents).”

For BECOMING DR. RUTH by Mark St. Germain seeking:

Dr. Ruth Westheimer: Female-presenting, 55-65; preferably approximately 5 ft. 3. Filled with an indomitable life force, boundless energy and a strength that carried her from escaping the Holocaust to becoming Dr. Ruth. Must be accomplished with accents, comedic and dramatic ability to portray many ages. This is a one-person play, therefore a tour-de-force performance for the actor selected. Ethnicity: Jewish, German-American.

SYNOPSISEveryone knows Dr. Ruth Westheimer from her career as a pioneering radio and television sex therapist. Few, however, know the incredible journey that preceded it. From fleeing the Nazis in the Kindertransport and joining the Haganah in Jerusalem as a sniper, to her struggle to succeed as a single mother newly-arrived in America, Mark St. Germain deftly illuminates this remarkable woman’s untold story. BECOMING DR. RUTH is filled with the humor, honesty, and life-affirming spirit of Karola Ruth Siegel, the girl who became “Dr. Ruth,” America’s most famous sex therapist.

For CHICKEN & BISCUITS by Douglas Lyons seeking:

Baneatta Mabry: Female-presenting, 40-55; an upstanding and stern Christian woman. Mother to Kenny and Simone, and wife to Reginald. She’s overbearingly full of love, but quite uptight and stubborn in her religious ways. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

Reginald Mabry: male-presenting, 40-55; Baneatta’s faithful husband and the new pastor of their home church. He’s the peacemaker of the family. Reginald is a ball of love, with a side of corny Dad jokes. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

Kenny Mabry: male-presenting, 25-30; Baneatta and Reginald’s youngest child. He’s proudly queer but cowers in the presence of his mother. Kenny bites when he needs to, but at the end of the day he just wants to be loved. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

Logan Leibowitz: male-presenting, 25-30; Kenny’s neurotic and dramatic Jewish boyfriend of 4 years. He often spins himself into a tizzy, but always wants to be there for Kenny. Logan's weed pen is his crutch for tough times. Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Beverly Jenkins: Female-presenting, 40-55; Baneatta’s younger sister. The “fun Aunt” who’s always in a push up bra catering to what the kids want, but never what they need. A single mother and the life of the party. She's a savage, classy, not so bougie, but definitely ratchet when necessary. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

La’Trice Franklin: Female-presenting, 16-19 (plays 16); Beverly’s daughter. She's nosy, loud and in everyone else's business but her own. She shows love, but in her own Gen Z manner. She's sarcastic to the bone. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

Simone Mabry: Female-presenting, 30-40; Kenny’s older sister and Baneatta’s favorite. She followed the “right path." She’s pulled, slightly shady, and fierce on the exterior, but internally wounded from a recent failed engagement. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

Brianna Jenkins: Female-presenting, 40-55; Baneatta and Beverly’s half-sister through an affair. She didn’t know her father but has come to his funeral to learn more about him. Sweet, open and collected. Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

Author’s Note: "Chicken and Biscuits" works when 8 vibrant personalities collectively create a family before our very eyes. We’re seeking collaborative comedians who can throw shade and love through text. All gender identities are encouraged to submit.

SYNOPSISAmerica’s dishiest family is coming together for Grandpa’s funeral – hopefully without killing each other! Rivaling sisters, Baneatta and Beverly, are burying their father—but it’s the non-stop family drama that might be the death of them. Beverly just wants to show the congregation what she’s been “blessed with.” Baneatta’s husband tries to keep the family peace while preparing the eulogy. Baneatta’s youngest son brings his very white, very Jewish boyfriend who is maybe, sort of, okay definitely afraid of Baneatta. Meanwhile, Beverly’s daughter couldn’t mind her own business if it was on a leash. But when a family secret reveals itself at the church altar, things really go crazy…and even Baneatta can’t deny the truth.

For RENT by Jonathan Larson seeking:

Mark: Male-presenting, 21-35; strong actor and singer; a young filmmaker and video artist coming into his own and struggling to articulate his values and his place in the world. He has integrity, is clean cut, and perhaps a little nerdy, as well as articulate and smart. Mark guides the audience through the show. Should be mercurial, quick on his feet, dexterous, and physically expressive. Vocal range top: A2-G4. Any Ethnicity.

Roger: Male-presenting, 25-35; strong actor and singer; a haunting and unforgettable character with a sense of loneliness. He is traumatized and emotionally cut off due to his past experiences and struggles with being HIV-positive. A rugged and sexy leading man who needs to be sympathetic and not just self-pitying. Struggling musician and former drug addict; reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. Rock tenor with authentic grittiness, resonance and emotion. The ability to play the guitar is preferred. Vocal range top: G2-A4. Any Ethnicity.

Mimi: Female-presenting, 21-35; strong actor and singer; an HIV-positive stripper with drug addictions who lives each day to the fullest. She is fully comfortable in her own body and sexuality and shows vulnerability alongside ferocious charisma. A complicated and damaged young girl; must be emotional yet strong. Vocal range top: Eb3 - E5. Ethnicity: Latina / Hispanic / Latinx.

Maureen: Female-presenting, 21-35; strong actor and singer; a diva - super confident, striking, bold and brash; also, a fearless performance artist. She is carefree and a source of high spirits and relentless energy. Must be a vocal powerhouse: huge healthy belt and mix; a big soulful sound that comes from the gut. Maureen oozes sexuality and used to live in the loft. She has recently dumped Mark for Joanne. Vocal range top: C4-F5. Any Ethnicity.

Tom Collins: Male-presenting, 25-35; strong actor and singer; a philosophizer, computer scientist/genius, liberal professor and anarchist who starts a tender, romantic relationship with Angel filled with unconditional love. Tom has an emotional openness and lack of self-conscience, with a generous heart and low-key sense of humor. He is a self-deprecating and wise free spirit. Vocals should be deep and warm - some bass moments with a high baritone. Vocal range top: F2-A4. Any Ethnicity.

Benny: Male-presenting, 25-35; strong actor and singer; the landlord of Mark and Roger's apartment building. A former roommate in the loft, Benny traded in his personal morals for power and wealth. An important character with complex motives and a tangled history with other characters. Benny needs a solid actor with charm and charisma, who can be slick and intimidating to pose a credible threat but can allow the audience to see his conflicted feelings underneath. Vocal range top: Bb2 - F#4. Any Ethnicity.

Joanne Jefferson: Female-presenting, 25-40; strong actor and singer; a public interest lawyer and headstrong person. She is smart and purposeful in all her decisions. Carries on a tumultuous relationship with Maureen. She's tough and no nonsense and unafraid to back down from a confrontation but good hearted. She prides herself on her self-discipline and organizational skills and might even be a bit compulsive. The actress needs to be deft and precise with text to put tricky lyrics across clearly in her song and vocals should be earthy and warm with a certain maturity and confidence. Vocal range top: G3 - E5. Any Ethnicity.

Angel Dumott Schunard: Gender fluid/non-binary human, 21-35; strong actor, singer and dancer; an eccentric HIV-positive street drummer. A fabulous human with an incredible gift of dance, rhythm; a magnetic personality who loves to get dressed up and party. Angel is all about kindness and generosity. Angel has had a tough life but is still full of high spirits and is a force of goodwill and peace. Vocally: requires a high and light tenor sound but needs to be powerful at times as well. Drumming skills are preferable. Angel needs to have star presence and exude sweetness and warmth. Vocal range top: C3 - A4. Any Ethnicity.

SYNOPSISSet in the East Village of New York City, Rent is about falling in love, finding your voice and living for today. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Rent has become a pop cultural phenomenon. with songs that rock and a story that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Based loosely on Puccini's La Boheme, Jonathan Larson's Rent follows a year in the life of a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive and create in New York's Lower East Side, under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.

This is theatre at its best – exuberant, passionate and joyous.